Improve your

PalPal Donations

If your PayPal

donation button

takes people

to a page like this:

You may get

higher donations

by changing it to this:

This gives your donors

Three “easy click”

donation values

Plus a

“fill in amount box”

PLUS an option

to make it a

recurring monthly


It is easy to set this up…

and you can choose

ANY three $$$

values for the form.

Below is a step-by-step

tutorial on how to do it.


log into your PayPal

Account via a computer.

Then click on the

“my PayPal” button

located in the

upper right corner.

Next click on the

“Tools” button

on the top row,

followed by the

“All Tools” Link.

Scroll down the page

to find the PayPal

buttons module,

and click open.

Choose the Donate

button option

Click Continue


Now you choose

to display

your group’s logo

when the PayPal

donation page

is brought up.

If you have a logo

displayed on

your website,

you can

“right click” on it,

copy the image URL,

and paste it in this box.

Click Continue.

Next select the

“Set 3 amount option”

Enter any Three

“Donation Amount Options”

Make sure the

“Recurrent Donation Option”

is selected

then press Continue

Click “Get info

from donors”

And select “Yes”

if you want to

receive your

donor’s mailing


Next click on

“Route donors back

to your site”.

The first option is

to link to a

“Page on your website”

where people will

be sent if they

Do NOT complete

the donation.

If you don’t have a page

already set up,

you should definitely

create one

on your website.

Simply make a page that

says something like

“We count on

supporters like you

to help us fund

our mission to

save more pets.

Please consider

making a donation

today via PayPal…

Thank You!”

then include a link

to your donation page.

The next box

tells PayPal where

to send your donors

AFTER they have made

a donation.

If you don’t have

a “Thank You” page

on your website,

you should definitely

create one.

In addition to

“Thanking” your

supporters… this page

can also invite them to

sign-up to your


encourage them to

Foster or Volunteer,

show links to pets

available for adoption,


Next, click

“Finish and Get Code”

This code is what

you will paste

on your website in the

places you want

the PayPal

donation button

to appear. 

If you click on

“Shareable URL”,

you will be given

a link to your

PayPal donation page.

You can use this

ANYWHERE you want…

to send people to your

PayPal Donation Page.

You can put the link

on your website

(for example,

text links, custom

buttons/images, etc…)

or in eNewsletters,

or on Facebook,

Twitter, Instagram, etc…

If you would like to have

a shorter URL to use,

we recommend going to:

(it’s a FREE Service)

If you have

any questions

or need additional help,

feel free to email me.