When does $25…

= 2000lbs of Dog Food?

Food Giveaway Terms & Conditions

When you contribute to
our National Pet Food Pantry…

… and nominate your favorite
Animal Rescue or Shelter to WIN!

PLUS… each Nomination and

Contribution you make…

Enters YOU in a Drawing…

To WIN a Luxury Stay in Mexico!

Vacation Terms & Conditions

If your entry is chosen,
the group you nominate
Wins a Pallet of Dog food…

Food Giveaway Terms & Conditions

and YOU Win a Mexico Vacation!

Vacation Terms & Conditions

1 Winner chosen for each 100 nominations received!


Help us feed homeless pets
for your chance to win!


Only groups located in the
contiguous United States (lower 48 states)
are eligible for giveaway.
Groups in Alaska or Hawaii are not eligible.

 Enter Name of Rescue or Shelter